How We Work


The Notations meet for an hour on Wednesday afternoons from early September to the end of November, and then again from mid-January to the end of April or so. There are usually one-three extra rehearsals, usually in the late afternoon on a Friday. There is also a run-through rehearsal the day before the concert. Rehearsals are focussed on the music to be sung at the Christmas and Spring concerts they share with Kids of Note.

The Notations prepare fewer songs per concert than the younger choir, but each song is more complex than what Kids of Note would typically sing. Harmonies and unusual arrangements are regular fare and with director Diane Phillip’s choral experience, the group gets into more detail about the art of singing.

Members take home lyrics and rehearsal CDs that provide slower versions of most of the songs, as well as group parts. Everyone is expected to practise regularly at home.