Brenda Baker

Founding Director


Brenda is an award-winning singer, writer and performance coach.

She’s appeared on Saskatchewan stages for over 35 years, giving a few thousand shows, readings and workshops at schools and special events. As a songwriter for adults, from 1988 to 1995 she toured Canadian venues, including music festivals from coast to coast.

Brenda has five CDs to her credit and starred in a national children’s TV show. Her musical story The Old Elephant’s Christmashas been broadcast many times on SCN-TV and was released on DVD. The CD version was shortlisted for a National Indie Music Award. Besides releasing a book of short stories for adults in 1999, in 2014 Brenda released a novel for tweens called Camp Outlook. Both books received Saskatchewan Book Awards, among other recognitions.

Brenda is the mom of Tanaya (born 2008) and is married to Art Slade, who writes for kids and teens.

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