Mission Statement

Kids of Note, a non-profit organization, is an integrated choir that serves Saskatoon children aged 7 and up, with and without disabilities, who love to sing. In an environment of equity, support and mutual respect among peers, Kids of Note develops performance skills and fosters an appreciation of music through rehearsals, home practice and concerts.

Vision Statement

Our vision is an integrated society free of barriers in which people celebrate the abilities and nurture the talents of all children; where children are treated equitably and are provided with opportunities to discover their strengths and reach their full potential.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of Kids of Note is:

  • to increase individual confidence, self-esteem and musical ability

  • to work together as a choir to achieve the common goal of a great performing experience

  • to entertain the community

Teamwork – we value working together to achieve common goals

Integration – we value the coming together of children with and without disabilities

Equity – we value fair and equitable treatment; demonstrate equity by providing the resources necessary for each child to experience success

Ability – we recognize the musical ability of each child

Personal Development – we value the opportunity to grow as individuals, discover talents and increase confidence and self-esteem

Appropriate Language – we value the use of language that accurately and compassionately describes the range of differences within our membership and recognizes the continuing evolution of this language