Gifts in Kind

If you’d like to know more about how you or your business can help Kids of Note, please check out the Donate page.

Kids of Note wishes to thank these people, organizations and businesses for their ongoing and very important support through their gifts in kind:

Grosvenor Park United Church

  • since our start in 2005 the church has provided free space and use of music instruments and sound equipment for all rehearsals and shows

  • individual congregation members have supported us through work on the Steering Committee, donations, baking at receptions, welcoming people at our concerts, and spreading the word about our activities

  • free bookkeeping services

  • GPUC has a long history of providing opportunities and programs for the disabled and is now an affirming ministry

Mister Print

  • since 2007 Mister Print (owned by Printwest) has printed all of our posters at no charge

Ian Thayer – graphic designer

  • since 2006 Ian has provided us with all of our terrific posters as a gift to Kids of Note

  • in early 2010 Ian designed the Kids of Note logo

Derek Mah – web developer

  • while Derek didn’t create our site as a gift-in-kind, we certainly appreciate that he gave us a terrific deal on his time and has provided, and is providing, lots of extra help and support — we want to thank him for creating such a wonderful site for Kids of Note