There are a number of ways family members can volunteer with Kids of Note.

The Steering Committee

We usually have about eight members with a turnover of one or two per year. Members may be:

  • parents of singers from either choir
  • other family members
  • volunteers from the general public

Special volunteer roles include the Chair, Treasurer, Fundraising Chair, Church Liaison and the Manager. Please check out this page for all the details.


Every week we ask two parents to assist with ensuring our rehearsals run smoothly, everything from putting out glasses of water to keeping the occasional busy singer focussed to ensuring kids get picked up safely at the end of the session. Please check out this document for more details. To sign up speak to our Manager, Mary Dolan.

The Fundraising Committee

This group is responsible for all fundraising and donation activities. It requires a Chair and a minimum of two others who may be

  • members of the Steering Committee
  • parents of singers in either choir
  • family members
  • volunteers from the general public

Please contact our current Chair, Betty Anne Stevenson, if you’d like to join.

Concert Coordinators

For each Christmas and Spring Concert we require two people to coordinate the reception. This involves organizing other parent volunteers for various duties including refreshments, setting up the room, serving and clean up. At yearend these coordinators also organize the wind-up event — usually pizza and cake after the last dress rehearsal in the spring. To sign up and serve as a coordinator, please see Mary Dolan.