Jewel Kelly

Jewel Kelly – Kids of Note Manager

Kids of Note and The Notations are thrilled to announce that Jewel Kelly has been selected as our new Manager. This summer (2017) Jewel began fulfilling a role that’s critical to the continued success of our choirs. Previously, the late Mary Dolan held this position for eight years, and did so with great skill. She was also deeply passionate about working with our young people and their families. In Jewel we have found a person who brings similar gifts to our membership and we’re honoured that she has chosen to share her time and talents with us. This is, after all, largely a volunteer position!

“I find great joy helping those with special challenges reach their fullest potential and succeed in all they do,” says Jewel. “I also have a long history with choirs and love to sing. When I learned about the choirs’ need of a manager, I applied immediately. How often do you find both of your passions so strongly represented in one job?”

Jewel has eighteen years of experience working as an Educational Assistant, having received her Personal Development Worker Certificate from Kelsey Institute. She also holds a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language, and currently works on a casual basis for Disability Student Services at the U of S. As the bookkeeper for Trinity Drafting Services, we’re extra happy to now have an “in- house” bookkeeper for Kids of Note!

“Over the last 12 years Kids of Note has grown into a much more sophisticated organization,” says Founding Director Brenda Baker. “Even though we have to rely on many volunteers, we still need professional people to make this choir viable. I can’t tell you how pleased we are to have found Jewel. She’ll be a great fit for us and I know our choristers will love her!”

If you have questions for Jewel, please e-mail her here.