Kids of Note presents two “outreach” concerts, usually between March and June, in a variety of wheelchair accessible venues and for various groups. We have appeared at seniors’ homes, conferences, banquets, prior to a symphony concert, and as special guests at the Saskatoon Chimo Chordsmen’s annual Spring show. Our outreach shows are shorter and less complex than the ones we are able to give in our home venue, Grosvenor Park United Church. Not all members can be available for these events, but we strive to have a minimum of 18 singers.

Regretfully, we are not available for Christmas shows or shows taking place out-of-doors.

We will consider outreach requests for shows of at least 30 minutes where the hosts are able to fulfill the requirements listed below, some of which are negotiable depending on the venue. We keep a waiting list of requests and regret that we are unable to accept all invitations to perform. We are hopeful that as membership in The Notations grows we will be able to accommodate more requests.

Kids of Note rarely performs outside of Saskatoon. Nonetheless, we will consider such proposals.

Staging Requirements

Every venue is different, so details regarding the sound system, lighting, stage size (minimum 12 ft. x 25 ft.) and wheelchair accessibility should be reviewed with the director and/or manager. Sometimes this requires an advance visit to the performance space. In some settings low platforms or risers will be necessary. In smaller settings, like a dining room in a seniors’ home, nothing but a microphone and a piano is required. Please remember that many parents attend these outreach concerts with their children, so space will need to be made for them. They are happy to stand if chairs are at a premium.

Green Room

Kids of Note will need a space to gather and warm up before the concert. In the “biz” we call this the Green Room. It needs to be large enough to accommodate up to 25 singers and a few of their parents. It must be close to washrooms, one of which must be wheelchair accessible. Usually we require 25 chairs and water with glasses for 30. If a “spare” piano or keyboard can be provided in the Green Room, we would appreciate it. If not, we can bring a keyboard along. We will leave our coats and boots in this room.


The children are always happy to have a peanut-free snack and social time with your audience after the concert, if this is something you would like to provide.


Kids of Note kindly requests a minimum honorarium of $200.00 for shows in Saskatoon. If an organization wishes to make an additional donation, a charitable tax receipt will be provided and an acknowledgment will be noted in our regular concert programs.

Printed Programs

If Kids of Note is performing as part of a larger concert event for which there is a printed program, we would like to be included. We can provide a short description, and appreciate being able to thank our corporate sponsors either in name or by having their logos under our description. If you have space for a photo of the group, that can be provided.

For a hard copy of this information please refer to our brochure. You may fill out and mail in our request form if you’re interested in having Kids of Note perform for your group or event.

Request Form (click to view, right-click to download) [33k]

Outreach Brochure (click to view, right-click to download [156k]