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We look forward to singing with you!

The Notations presents a terrific opportunity for any young person to sing for a large, appreciative crowd, have a lot of fun and make lifelong friends. The integrated model is, sadly, rare in our culture, so the ensemble offers a unique and unforgettable life experience for everyone who participates. We hope you’ll join us!

How to join The Notations:

At any time of the year singers may join our Notations waiting list, but generally we can take on new members in September and January. Current Notations members have until May 30 each year to decide if they will continue with our program in the fall, therefore we begin registering new members in early June.

  1. Please email Brenda Baker, indicating your interest in joining.
  2. Brenda will let you know if there is a spot immediately available or not.
  3. If there is a place available, please double-check that you can be available for the required rehearsal and performance dates. THEN print the registration form and fill it out. Enclose the non-refundable deposit in the amount noted on the form and follow the mailing instructions on the form.
  4. The non-refundable deposit must be enclosed in order for us to hold your place until September.
  5. The final payment is due at the first September rehearsal (which we require with the registration form as a post-dated cheque) and a receipt will be issued for the full amount at that time.

For more information please call or email:

Brenda Baker, KON Director – (306) 653-3245 – or

Diane Phillips, TN Director – (306) 653-1540 – or
Mary Dolan, Manager – (306) 653-1201 –